futangue hotel & spa

“harmonizing the exploration and the tranquility of nature in a hidden paradise of northern patagonia"
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Location:Northern Patagonia, Chile’s Lake District
phone:+56 2 27060381
instagram: @parquefutangue
Rooms:16 total (14 rooms + 2 suites)
Getting There:From Santiago, there are four different airports you can fly into—Puerto Montt, Osorno, Valdivia, or Temuco. Depending on which airport you choose for your arrival, the drive time to the hotel varies from an hour-and-a-half to three hours.
Don't forget: Layers. True to Patagonian weather, wearing layers is key to being comfortable in this destination’s diverse climate.
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Don’t Miss Experience:  RIÑINAHUE WATERFALLS
Jump into a vehicle or onto a bike and visit this awe-inspiring creation of nature on the Riñinahue River. See the two picture-perfect waterfalls as they plunge into a deep blue pool surrounded by hanging gardens cascading down the rocks. It’s the perfect scenery to take memorable photos or attempt to catch a trophy salmon ready to put up a fight. Follow the path to the lake, go for a swim, and kick back for a quiet day on the beach.

indulge yourself:  spa
Ensure you set aside time to experience Futangue’s incredible spa, surrounded by mountains and picturesque landscapes. Detoxify in the sauna while gazing at spectacular waterfalls or take a dip in one of the pools. Depending on how you choose to relax here, you’ll find treatments incorporate local berries and native wood and volcanic stones to embody Futangue’s natural heritage and identity. It truly is the perfect spot to revitalize after a long day of excursions.

Why Funtangue?:  private reserve
Because Futangue Hotel is set within a family-owned native forest conservation project, which recently opened to tourists, you’ll be tucked away from crowds and large groups. Therefore, not only will you have a chance to revel in quiet and peaceful hikes, but also set your sights on the incredible biodiversity of flora, fauna, and fungi, with many local species from this corner of South America. The park’s pristine, unspoiled ecosystem truly serves as a playground for nature enthusiasts. Another undeniable advantage of this private reserve is that Futangue has complete control over the excursions it offers. The 70+ miles of trails were carefully designed to maximize the wide range of views and experiences. And if you wish to slow down a bit, one can’t-miss option is a magical boat excursion on Lake Ranco. While cruising through picturesque islands, you can choose to visit local villages known for their Mapuche wool handicrafts or take a scenic boat trip on the Calcurrupe River, a large watercourse with many pools, runs, and rapids.