hotel casa real

“Chilean history and culture converge with the perfect wine experience in this privileged setting at the foot of the Andes Mountains."
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Location:Santa Rita Winery in Maipo Valley, Chile
phone: +56 2 23622555
instagram: @hotelcasarealcl
Rooms:16 total (11 rooms + 5 suites)
Getting There:One-hour drive from Santiago
Perfect for:The final few days at the end of a Chilean adventure. After all the excursions and travel (let’s be honest - to visit Chile means a lot of planes, cars, and boats!), it’s ideal to take some time to relax and reflect on everything before heading home. And with the views and delicious wines that Casa Real offers, you’ll do just that—all while being only one hour from Santiago Airport.
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Don’t Miss Experience:  Premium Tour
Hotel Casa Real and Santa Rita Winery are about more than just delicious wines. For that reason, it’s essential you take a guided tour of the century-old park, Roman baths, neo-Gothic chapel, and ancient wine cellars. This opportunity is included for full-board hotel guests and gives you a greater understanding of the deep history of Santa Rita Winery and why preserving that history is so important to the family.

Wine selection:
Not only is Santa Rita Winery and Hotel Casa Real the ideal destination because of the historical significance amongst the property, but also because, when it comes to Chilean wines, variety abounds here. While producing Chile’s best Cabernet Sauvignons, along with delicious Carménère wines, Santa Rita features vineyards in all of the different Chilean valleys, providing the opportunity to produce an extensive array of wines.

Being located on the grounds of one of Chile’s oldest wineries, you’d expect the dining menus to be created and centered around the wines. But what you might not expect is that all of Hotel Casa Real's in-room amenities are designed, right on the property, from wine. Yes, everything from shampoos and lotions to the oh-so-delicious chocolates!